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ZapPow Vow Release Video

This ZapPow video will aid you in releasing the agreements or vows you know you have and those that you didn't even know you were holding - from this lifetime or any other. 

Vows and Agreements that hold us back come in many forms; permissions given, agreements made, understandings come to, acceptance of the beliefs of others or information of your society, creation of beliefs that are simply not true, vows taken, contracts made/accepted etc.  It doesn't matter what you call them, or whether you believe in certain forms of them or not, if your energy or beliefs are such that you are towing the line or in any way agreeing to be small or not totally you in any way then you have an agreement of some sort holding you back.

This video requires that you have worked with the ZapPow programming statements and understand what they are doing in order to have maximum effect.

This is a downloadable mp4 product which is instantly available for you to use.   

  • Price: $8.00
ZapPow Vow Release Video

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