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ZapPow Manual PDF Version

by Jodi Maree

ZapPow! works with the subconscious mind, foundation belief patterns, the Inner Master, Self love and Self magnetism to demolish the patterning and beliefs that are holding you in place and preventing you from achieving the goals you set yourself or attaining the life you desire.

This manual contains information on how to use the ZapPow protocol of mindfulness and subconscious reprogramming to clear impediments to success in health, happiness and life progress.  It contains the programming statements for the ZapPow protocol, instructions on the use of the protocol, zap and pow programming statements for self healing and success as well as information and instructions for clearing vows and karmic imprints.

This manual can be used as a stand alone tool to programme you to use the ZapPow! protocol for yourself, but it is highly recommended that you use this manual in conjunction with the ZapPow programming videos for the most benefit (see the visual meditations sections for these videos). 

A ZapPow! session, in person or via skype, is also highly recommended to get the most out of using this protocol for yourself.  ZapPow! can be used for physical or emotional ailments, and to deal with trauma, conditioning or belief patterns formed in this life or any other. 

 This is a downloadable PDF product which is instantly available for you to use or print off. 

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ZapPow Manual PDF Version

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