Read a few of our testimonials:

"Thank you Jodi, for all you have taught me.

I'm, just today I feel, coming out the other side of quite a difficult period in my life... my perspective is brighter again. I wanted to share my gratitude with you because I know, with all my heart, that I have dealt and coped with, things better than I ever have been capable of before and again, for that, I thank you.

Without all you've done to aid and support and teach me, I honestly feel I wouldn't be the person I am at present and although far from perfect, I truly am prouder of, and more comfortable with, myself than ever before.

Thank you." ~ NT, Scarborough
"I was tested for carpal tunnel in early Feb 2015.. My arms & hands didn't feel like they were mine not to mention the unbearable pain. The specialists exact words were: "that's not good, in fact diabolical comes to mind.You need to book in for surgery ASAP it's your only option at this point". I thanked him & headed out the door. 1 dose of cortisone in each wrist to give me some relief initially (Actually worse for 1 week).. Jodi worked on my wrists fortnightly with some home work. I work my wrists hard with lots of Olympic lifting over head & handstands etc.. It's May 2015 as I write this & I can happily say no surgery, no further injections & no symptoms. I am working my wrists harder than ever.
One day I'll tell the rest of my amazing transformation..
This lady has changed my world..
It may not happen overnight but it will happen.. " ~ JM, Helena Valley
"WOW, WOW, WOW! I absolutely adore the subconscious resistance visual meditation! I found it incredibly powerful and, of course, i cried all the way through it!" ~ BH, Leederville
"I have been seeing Jodi for 3 years now and sessions with her are part of my 'emotional health plan'! Every session feels like an 'emotional massage' and helps me feel centered and re-empowered for life!
Jodi provides such relevant insights into what is holding me back and is so nurturing in bringing me back to balance. I can highly recommend Jodi for guidance and healing." ~ CR, Subiaco
"Energy work with Jodi not only helped me to balance body and spirit, she managed to reign in my allergies at the same time!" ~ EL, Kardinya.
"Bob was really glowing after the session with you and was delighted with the interaction and pain free back! He said it was the best session yet!" ~ JJ, Success
"I watched it (Subconscious Resistance Visual Meditation) a couple of times... I did have some extra brain activity eg, tingling etc, facinating stuff!" ~ LR, Applecross
"Jodi taps into her wide range of abilities, communicates clearly and calmly and guides me as I learn new techniques and behaviours which are all of long-term benefit to me. She exudes warmth, is punctual and totally professional." ~ SBB, Fremantle

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