Pure Care Sessions

Pure Care sessions are based around energy medicine techniques, with the aim of bringing the body, mind and spirit back into harmony, leading you back to a space of peace and grace and allowing healing to occur.

The aim of Energy Medicine, and all of the techniques used within it, is to realign your energy body and energy centres, to reintegrate your body systems and to relieve you of limiting beliefs and detrimental habits and actions so as to allow your body’s own innate healing abilities to kick in and repair itself physically, mentally and emotionally. View information on the techniques used.

Sessions can help with:

  • stress and/or anxiety
  • illness or disease
  • allergy symptoms
  • pain (physical/emotional)
  • digestion and/or weight issues
  • depression, negativity or negative patterns
  • enhancing your intuition
  • fertility and sexuality
  • creating change of any sort
  • returning vitality, success and joy

Session Types & Fees:

Healing Balance Session

Tailored Session up to 1.5hrs, $155 per session

Why? These sessions are designed to address physical and emotional issues, issues of disease or self/spiritual development.

They are holistic and address all layers of the issue by realigning your energy bodies, clearing the limiting beliefs/emotional issues and allowing your body to begin healing itself. They are designed as a course of sessions until you feel that the issue has been dealt with, or as a regular re-alignment to keep you in shape.

They are tailored to you, as the individual, and do include an assessment at the beginning of each session.
These sessions will often include one Liquid Crystal as a take home remedy.

Interested? Please telephone (08) 9433 5116 or Contact Us to book your session

Remote Healing Balance

Remote Session up to 1.5hrs, $155 per session

Why? These sessions are designed for those that are too sick to come in, live too far away to have a local session or, for whatever personal reason, do not wish to come into the clinic. They do not require any phone or physical contact and can be conducted whilst you are asleep so time zone differences are not a problem.

Remote sessions are done as though you are actually here, but it is an etheric connection through the grids and particles of you... so, it works with the same energies and actually sometimes has a stronger effect on folks since the actual human exchange between you and me is taken out of it.

You can just go about your day and I'd do the session at the appointed time - some people like to sit back and relax whilst the session is happening but it is not necessary, the only thing necessary is the permission for me to work on you remotely, then the energies just do their thing. You might find that during or soon afterwards you feel quite tired, that's an integration response, but some folks feel 'nothing' during, but feel the benefits afterwards ie, improved sleep, feeling calm etc.

These sessions are highly effective and will involve a follow up email with information from the session, they can be used to treat any type of issue, be it physical, mental, spiritual or emotional.

Interested? Please telephone (08) 9433 5116 or Contact Us to book your session

Luminous Life (Online Sessions)

Full session up to 40mins, $80 per session

Why? An online session to address, reveal and dissolve the traumas, blocks and attitudes that are keeping you from achieving your luminous life of health, wealth and happiness.

These sessions cover whatever it is that you need to bring about the most amount of change in the shortest amount of time. You may experience dissolving the beliefs and traumas of the Inner Child - the energetic part of you that holds many belief systems that affect your thinking and your projecting - lifting the blocks, the misalignments, the contracts, agreements or procrastination that is holding you back from achieving your desire, dissolving and collapsing the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back and/or balancing the misalignments leading to physical issues.

A quick and focused session using quantum and energy techniques to swiftly find and lift the blocks, this is a session you can have regularly as you go deeper into the art of creating change and healing the self, or you can use it as a one-off to just lift that hurdle you know is within you, holding you back.

These sessions available via Zoom video online to anywhere in the world. Go to 'Shop' (top menu, above) and 'Sessions & Readings' then choose 'Energy Medicine $80 Session' for payment of an online session prior to your session.

Interested? Please telephone (08) 9433 5116 or Contact Us to book your session

Trinity Activation (Manifesting)

Full Session up to 1.5hrs, $155 per session

Why? This activation is designed to ignite the Divine Trinity within and reconnect you to the God Force, Divine Mother and Divine Father allowing you to balance, realign and focus more powerfully. This activation also offers you the possibility of manifesting your desire, and can be used to input a desired manifestation and enhance it's possiblitiy of material reality. This session brings about action and change in your life, and will show you the path to creating your manifested desire, or show you the blockages that need to be worked through in order to manifest your goal.

Interested? Please telephone (08) 9433 5116 or Contact Us to book your session


Creating Change: Back to Joy

Creating Change Joy Sessions up to 1.5hr per session, 8 sessions - $2444

Why? A series of sessions designed to harness the power of the new paradigm, bringing you to a space and place of light, peace, calm and joy. For when you are struggling with negativity, depression, listlessness or feeling disconnect from life and uninspired.

You will receive:

4 personal sessions targeting the mind and thought patterns;
designed to release past trauma and bring you back to a state of peace, calm and ease,

4 personal sessions aimed at creating the new in your life;
a mini manifestation series to create change, strengthen the Self and awaken the light in your life once more

Details on all of the organs, systems and energy bodies holding imbalance that are effecting your emotions and moods

Home-care for continued self healing and balancing of these areas

10 Liquid Crystals designed specifically for you to lift your mood and re-ignite your True Self

Ebook on Creating Change and igniting happiness

Releasing Resistance visual meditation

DNA harmonising meditation

Other meditations/self care as necessary

This series of sessions is usually undertaken every 2-3 weeks, hence you can look forward to having the pep back in your step within 4months.

Payment plans are available for this programme - please ask.

Interested? Please telephone (08) 9433 5116 or Contact Us to book your session

Fertility Programme

Fertility Sessions up to 1.5hr per session, 10 sessions - $1750

Why? A series of sessions to aid in bringing the physical body back into harmony and natural fertility in readiness for pregnancy.

You will receive:
Personal sessions targeted towards bringing the body back to fertility,
Vibrational remedies tailored to your needs,
Information on the energy bodies, organs and systems that are showing imbalance towards fertility and
Home-care for continued self healing and balancing towards fertility

These sessions can be helpful for a male or a female and are targeted slightly differently for each.
They include balancing out the trauma from previous unsuccessful pregnancy attempts and/or from fertility treatments you may already have undergone.
They can also be a helpful supplement to regular fertility treatments.

These sessions are recommended to be undertaken every 3-4 weeks.

Interested? Please telephone (08) 9433 5116 or Contact Us to book your session


What people have said:

"Thank you Jodi, for all you have taught me.

I'm, just today I feel, coming out the other side of quite a difficult period in my life... my perspective is brighter again. I wanted to share my gratitude with you because I know, with all my heart, that I have dealt and coped with, things better than I ever have been capable of before and again, for that, I thank you.

Without all you've done to aid and support and teach me, I honestly feel I wouldn't be the person I am at present and although far from perfect, I truly am prouder of, and more comfortable with, myself than ever before.

Thank you." ~ NT, Scarborough
"I was tested for carpal tunnel in early Feb 2015.. My arms & hands didn't feel like they were mine not to mention the unbearable pain. The specialists exact words were: "that's not good, in fact diabolical comes to mind.You need to book in for surgery ASAP it's your only option at this point". I thanked him & headed out the door. 1 dose of cortisone in each wrist to give me some relief initially (Actually worse for 1 week).. Jodi worked on my wrists fortnightly with some home work. I work my wrists hard with lots of Olympic lifting over head & handstands etc.. It's May 2015 as I write this & I can happily say no surgery, no further injections & no symptoms. I am working my wrists harder than ever.
One day I'll tell the rest of my amazing transformation..
This lady has changed my world..
It may not happen overnight but it will happen.. " ~ JM, Helena Valley
"Energy work with Jodi not only helped me to balance body and spirit, she managed to reign in my allergies at the same time!" ~ EL, Kardinya.
"Bob was really glowing after the session with you and was delighted with the interaction and pain free back! He said it was the best session yet!" ~ JJ, Success

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