About Pure Care Wellness

Pure Care Wellness is dedicated to offering 100% natural and empowering solutions to your wellness, happiness and success needs - whatever wellness, happiness and success mean to you.  Whether you're aiming to be happy, healthy and pain free, or aiming for that 'million dollar lifestyle', or anywhere in between, we can offer you the tools and treatments to help you achieve it all. Using only 100% natural and proven effective techniques and homeopathics to align you, body, mind and soul, towards being your healthiest, most successful and empowered self, to live your best life possible.

Specialising in:

  • realigning your physical and energy body
  • identifying & balancing limiting beliefs, cellular memory and core imprints
  • relieving pain - physical and emotional
  • fertility and reproductive complaints
  • depression, anxiety and negativity
  • self development, empowerment and self worth
  • weight loss

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Thursday - 9am to 5.30pm
  • Evening and early morning appointments available by request.

Contact us today if you would like to make an appointment or require further information

About Jodi Ventriss

ITA Tier 1&2 Practitioner - Licensed ITA Course Facilitator - Cert IV Kinesiology - Level 3 Adv EFT

Liquid Crystal Practitioner - Neural Organisation Technique Module I & II - Kinetic Energen - Theta Healing DNA I & II 

Jodi lives in Perth, Western Australia and works as an Energy Medicine Practitioner.  She is a strong empath with the ability to see the truth of the person and the blockages within their system, often even those invisible to the Self and others. 

Working through the avenues of intent and truth, using her abilities and many different energy protocols, she works with clients to enable them to see their truth and create their life changes and physical healing.  She has long worked hand in hand with the Universe and the human energy systems to find balance, healing and guidance for both herself and her clients.

Jodi works at Pure Care Wellness, www.purecare.com.au, and produces many ebooks, posters, videos and audios for self-development, information and self-healing.  She wholeheartedly believes in personal empowerment and the betterment of all via personal healing, growth and happiness.

I work as an energy medicine practitioner and often function more as a life coach helping people to create change in their lives and re-direct themselves to attain the health, happiness, love etc they're aiming for.  I use philosophies and understandings about the way the universe works, the way the quantum works, energy reading and body reading, an understanding of the way the male/female mind works and our human interactions with life and others to help people see their patterns, their belief systems and their creations (or their role in their creations) and then use energy medicine protocols to begin balancing them out of the system, so that the person has the freedom to create the change they desire and move forward with life. 

It's all about personal empowerment, mastery and choice, so the amount of success folks can have with this work is often correlated with the amount of belief and alignment they have to living in harmony, peace, kindness and understanding.  Energy medicine may be a little different to what you think it is, it's a deeply relaxing, harmonising and self empowering way to healing and life change.

I believe the best way to grow and be healthy is to allow. It's time to start noticing ourselves again, start noticing our bodies again and give up the mind's need to 'know' - just allow and feel. Labelling and questioning relentlessly breaks the flow - observe and allow, notice things then let them go, and seriously, don't get hung up on the nitty gritty, loosen and flow and just let it go!

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