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Uplift Me Activation

by Jodi Maree

The Uplift Me Activation is a guided meditation process which works to builds the inner core within the body and the silver white pillar around the body, reconnecting you to the higher chakras and the higher dimensional awareness. 

This activation offers the opportunity to reconnect you to dimensions 10, 11 and 12, which, as a group, form the Avatar consicouness of the individual, the highest integration of self that we can attain in the physical body.

Working this process may aid us in following our highest destiny, potentially cleansing and clearing all distortion in the lower levels of Self all the way down to the DNA - regular practice of this process is a path to enlightenment should you wish it.  This process creates a temporary pillar of Christed consciousness within your energy field, over time enabling you to hold this consciousness on your own. 

Running the process regularly may aid the individual in returning to health and manifesting desired outcomes in material reality.

This meditation can be used regularly and, once mastered, can be a daily practice to increase your sense of guidance, purpose and direction.

This is a digital product available for immediate download upon purchase.

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Uplift Me Activation

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