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Magnetise Me Activation

by Jodi Maree

The Magnetise Me Activation is a guided meditation/activation process based upon the ancient Egyptian teachings about the inner core and magnetics of the body.  It is extrapolated from a tantric process that occurs between two people and relies on the ecstasy and bliss created by union with the beloved.  Here the process is broken down to be accessible by the solo practitioner and enables an individual to activate the energies and feelings that ignite the magnetic spirals within the body.  

This process, once mastered, works to increase your magnetism, drawing to the practitioner the desires held within, making it very important to master if one is attempting to make changes in their lives.  This activation takes practice to master, it is a very ancient technique that was originally seen as a focus for ascension and would be practiced, until mastery, throughout life.  Using this activation you can learn the process and practise as often as you desire to attain mastery.

This meditation may be used regularly and, once mastered, can be a daily practice to increase your magnetism, drawing to you what is desired faster than ever before.

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Magnetise Me Activation

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