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Guide, Uplift and Magnetise Me

by Jodi Maree

The pack of the Guide Me, Uplift Me and Magnetise Me Activations includes all of the activations and their documentations.  Using these 3 activations helps create an essential trinity for Manifestation/Creating Change - increasing your guidance so you know what action to take, lifting your frequency so you resonate with higher vibrations and increasing your magnetism so you draw in what you desire.

Guide Me:  is a guided activation process which aids in increasing guidance, information retrieval, accessing cellular memory, dream work and inner child work - in other words you can use it to increase you inner knowing, and get answers!

Uplift Me: is a guided activation process which works to builds the inner core within the body and may aid us in following our highest destiny, potentially cleansing and clearing all distortion in the lower levels of Self all the way down to the DNA.

Magnetise Me:  is a guided activation process which uses an ancient breathing and focus technique to activate the body's magnetic currents, drawing to you what you desire. 

This is a digital product available for immediate download upon purchase.

  • Price: $30.00
Guide, Uplift and Magnetise Me

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