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Guide Me Activation

by Jodi Maree

The Guide Me Activation is a guided meditation process which builds a perceptual bridge between the 3D incarnated self and the higher identity aspects of the self enabling access to our higher dimensional awareness.  This pack includes the audio for the meditation process and an information flyer. 

It also activates dormant lines of light in our crystalline grid which opens communication between our 3D and 5D levels of awareness.

This process aids in increasing guidance, information retrieval, accessing cellular memory, dream work and inner child work - in other words you can use it to increase you inner knowing, and get answers!

This meditation can be used regularly and, once mastered, can be a daily practice to increase your sense of guidance, faith and trust.

This is a digital product available for immediate download upon purchase.

  • Price: $12.00
Guide Me Activation

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