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"Jodi taps into her wide range of abilities, communicates clearly and calmly and guides me as I learn new techniques and behaviours which are all of long-term benefit to me. She exudes warmth, is punctual and totally professional." SBB, Fremantle

Your body is a remarkable self healing machine. Its ability to perform miracles of self healing are already well known. From seeing it seamlessly repair a small cut on your hand to witnessing ‘miracle’ healing stories from cancer patients, we’ve all seen and heard about the body’s amazing healing abilities. You are designed this way. You are designed to self repair and regenerate every day of your life.

Energy Medicine is a complimentary or alternative health model based around many different techniques with a common aim. The aim of Energy Medicine, and all of the techniques used within it, is to realign your energy body and energy centres, to reintegrate your body systems and to relieve you of limiting beliefs, habits and actions so as to allow your body’s own innate healing abilities to kick in and repair itself physically, mentally and emotionally.

In other words, if you are in pain, why are you in pain and what needs to be done to shift that pain? If your life isn’t as you desire it, why isn’t it and what limiting beliefs are keeping your life as it is and impeding your expansion?

Energy Medicine sessions may address many differing issues including:

  • stress and/or anxiety
  • illness or disease
  • allergy symptoms
  • pain (physical/emotional)
  • digestion
  • weightloss
  • depression, negativity or negative patterns
  • enhancing your intuition
  • fertility
  • increasing the happiness in your life
Treatment Options and Fees


Energy Medicine Session
Full Session up to 1.5hrs, $155 per session (Payment options below)

Why: These sessions are designed to address physical and emotional issues, issues of disease or self/spiritual development. They are holistic and address all layers of the issue by realigning your energy bodies, clearing the limiting beliefs/emotional issues and allowing your body to begin healing itself. They are designed as a course of sessions until you feel that the issue has been dealt with, or as a regular re-alignment to keep you in shape.
These sessions will often include one Liguid Crystal as a take home remedy.

Would you like to book a session? Please call (08) 9443 5116 or click here
Remote sessions are available on request - please contact me

ZapPow! Session
Full Session up to 45mins, $100 per session (Payment options below)

Why: A ZapPow session works with the subconscious mind, foundation belief patterns, the Inner Master, Self love and Self magnetism to demolish the patterning and beliefs that are holding you in place and preventing you from achieving the goals you set yourself or attaining the life you desire. These sessions could easily be viewed as a form of 'life coaching' and work most beneficially spaced about a fortnight apart. They can be used for physical or emotional ailments, and deal with trauma, conditioning or belief patterns formed in this life or any other.

These sessions are available in person, via phone or via skype.

Would you like to book a session? Please call (08) 9443 5116 or click here
Remote sessions are available on request - please contact me

Remote Energy Medicine Healing Session
Remote Healing Session 1hr, $155 per session (Payment options below)

Why: These sessions are designed for those that are too sick to come in, live too far away to have a local session or, for whatever personal reason, do not wish to come into the clinic. They do not require any phone or physical contact and can be conducted whilst you are asleep so time zone differences are not a problem. These sessions are highly effective and will involve a follow up email with information from the session, they can be used to treat any type of issue, be it physical, mental, spiritual or emotional.

Would you like to book a session? Please call (08) 9443 5116 or click here

Energy Medicine Session Payments

Full EM Session $155.00
ZapPow! Session $100.00

Session plus Oracle$45.00

Session plus 1xCD $25.00

Session plus2xCD $50.00

Session, Oracle & CD $70.00
Session, Oracle & 2CDs $95.00
If paying prior to a session, please feel free to call or email first to dicuss any of your concerns or queries. You can always return to this page at a later date to make your payment.